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New work from Prof Sri Iyer-Biswas & group

uncovers hidden simplicities in intractably complex dynamics thro tour-de-force of high precision experimentation & 1st-principles-based physics theory

enroute reimagining what homeostasis is, 👇



Emergent Simplicities in Stochastic Intergenerational Homeostasis #bioRxiv

Bats and dolphins evolved echolocation in the same way (down to the molecular level). An analysis revealed that 200 genes had independently changed in the same way and this is an extreme example of convergent evolution

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#Postdoc wanted! You are a #biophysicist or a #cell biologist with an outstanding track record and a keen interest in #mechanobiology? Apply to our lab and the cluster of excellence "Physics of Life" @PolDresden. Find details under

An engaging collaboration between @iyerbiswas lab and us, led by @HarrisonMYork @charlesswright and Kunaal Joshi on the mechanistic basis of robust endosomal maturation. @EMBLAustralia @PurduePhysAstro @MonashBDI @sfiscience Please have a read:

“Objective is to show how Weiss employed micrographs to corroborate his analysis on axonal dynamics, and to offer suggestions why colleagues didnt accept images as evidence of new knowledge” The Virtue of Being Too Early: Paul A. Weiss and Axonal Transport

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